Kitajewski Lab  

Ben, Seock Won, Pamela and Dr. Kitajewski had a blast in Banff at the NAVBO Lymphatic Forum 2023! After crushing his thesis presentation, Ben gave a travel award-winning talk on his work. Seock Won presented a poster as well, and Pamela learned more about lymphatic development and circulation. All in all, Canada was pretty cool!

The Kitajewski lab had a great time in Orlando at AACR 2023! Congrats to Kate, Tanner and Seock Won on their popular posters and a successful trip to Epcot. Jan served as an event organizer and Naiche helped us navigate the many excellent talks throughout the week!

Kitajewski lab and friends at IVBM 2022 in San Fransisco Bay Area! Congrats to Stephanie and Jan on their great talks and Taliha and Seock Won on excellent posters!

Kitajewski Lab and friends at NAVBO 2019 in Asilomar, California.

The UIC Patient Brigade visits the Kitajewski lab for a discussion about our cancer research and their own medical experiences. Learn more about the Brigade at

Lab members hanging out and having fun outside the lab.